Lotus Vanilla Pear Loser Tee - Weißer Tee in Geschenkdose 80 g

Introducing Lotus, a curated collection of relaxing teas for mind, body & spirit. Tea Forte is proud to present the next elevation of tea. This unique and unprecedented gourmet collection of highest-grade, small-lot, certified organic teas have been difficult to source as they are rarely exported. Reflecting the creativity and craftsmanship of this ultimate tea experience, Lotus comes exquisitely presented in an unapologetically modern design evoking the sophistication and sensory experience that these teas offer. Each recyclable canister is air tight and filled with the same blends offered in our signature pyramid infuser. 35-50 servings per canister. All teas are organic.
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80 Gramm (g) € 187,38 pro 1 Kilogramm (kg)

Extra informatie

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer 3910352
EAN/UPC mit Prüfziffer 663199151382
Inhalt 80 g
Beschrijving Loser Tee
Land Duitsland
Verantw. Lebensmittelunternehmer Tea Forté 23 Bradford St. MA 01742 Concord
theesoorten Vanilla Pear - Grüntee
Zutaten Weißer Tee*, Ingwer*, Zitronenmelisse*, Zitronengrass*, Kornblumenblüten*, natürliches Birnenaroma, natürliches Apfelaroma, Vanillestücke*, natürliches Quittenaroma, Birnenstücke*, natürliches Orangenaroma, natürliches Vanillearoma. *aus biologischer Erzeugung
Allergene Enthält keine kennzeichnungspflichtigen Allergene gemäß Anhang II der VO (EU) Nr. 1169/2011.


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